Flour silo units

With their robust construction and the use of only high-quality brand-name components, our silo units guarantee a perpetually high level of performance.


In their basic construction, all silos are CNC manufactured using 4 mm thick tray aluminium and can be expanded at any time. This means every unit can be adapted individually to the space available in your establishment. With fluidised bed interval ventilation, powerful blowers ensure flour is constantly loosened, that it exits the silo smoothly and, finally, that it is transported securely in the conveyor system. Upon request, the silos can be built on weighing cells thereby facilitating constant monitoring of their contents.

The silo unit can be equipped with our tried and tested recipe management system for the automation process. With it, you can convey the desired type and amount of flour into your tank scale in no time just at the touch of a button.


Flour silo unit on weighing cells
Weighing cell content check
Valves to protect from overfill
Flour silo units