Recipe management

Our recipe management systems are automated solutions characterised by maximum flexibility & an easy-to-understand operating interface in a class of their own. In order to find the best solution for establishments with hand-crafted products and for industrial establishments, the range is available in three different designs: EasyBack, FlexiBack & MaxiBack.


The recipe management system facilitates inexpensive linking of machinery components already on site such as scales, water mixers, sour dough machines and much more. As regards software as well, greater store was set in an open system. This means that it is also possible to integrate your existing merchandise management systems for recipe and results transfer. In order to make operations as user-friendly as possible in spite of its large range of functions, it has a very logical construction and can be operated without a great deal of prior training. And to ensure that your investment remains secure for the long term, only renowned manufacturers have been selected for the components and programs used.


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