Integer compact

The Integer compact from Tassold is the space-saving version among the Integer machines.


Despite its small structure, the machine does not suffer any losses as regards speed. With the unique high-capacity brush, up to 1400 trays per hour are cleaned to perfection. The design made entirely of stainless steel as well as the high standard for safety are further characteristics of its quality.

The Integer compact was also equipped with plate brushes as the main form of cleaning. The following high-capacity roller brushes will win you over with their lasting durability and highest degree of cleaning capacity. Because the brushes have densely packed bristles with diameters of above average size, the trays are cleaned to perfection.
Furthermore, just as for the Integer, the external oiling machine can be coupled to the machine. The machine is, as always, made entirely of stainless steel.

Tray cleaning machine
Tray cleaning machine
Tray oiling station
Tray trolley