Machine for any type of rim

The machine for any type of rim is the latest innovation from TASSOLD in the field of cleaning trays. No matter whether for trays with two rims, three rims, for pretzels or for baguettes - every tray form is brushed and scrubbed. And that thoroughly!


With this universal machine, we are providing you with options for cleaning in tried and tested quality for all types of trays. The cleaning concept for this was developed specially for shaped trays. The function of the machine is based on the principle of centrifugal force. Despite its soft bristles, a special brush generates enormous force onto the surface of the trays and removes all baking residue and grime from all of the nooks and edges. The trays are pulled into the centre of the machine and pulled back out again without having to exert great manual force. With the counter-pressure on the brush generated when the tray is pulled out, the tray is made as clean as possible.