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We at Tassold are proud to present you with our sophisticated range of products. We take our inspiration and innovative ideas for new developments and improvements of our machines directly from our customers' bakeries. Our assortment of products ranges from individualised custom-built items to practical solutions for the masses. Throughout it all, we always keep a keen eye on the ergonomics of operations and straightforward maintenance. In order to be able to provide you with this level of quality, highly trained employees and impeccable cutting-edge machinery are our most stringent requirements. Decades of experience, flexibility and the highest standards for quality are what make us a reliable and competent partner.


Successful units like our Integer or our flour dust extractor are already used by numerous establishments in the sector. But also single machines specially developed for you can be adapted to the circumstances at your premises in a practice-oriented manner and integrated into your individual working processes.

Robust construction thanks to stainless steel, many years of experience in the sector, trained employees and constant advancement benefit our customers.

Tray cleaning machine
Tray cleaning machine
Tray cleaning machine
Tray cleaning machine
Baker’s ingredient scale
Bakery recipe management
Bakery technology Extractor Flour dust allergy
Bakery vacuum cleaner

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